The New York Comic Con has already started and of course, it features some brand new goodies. Let’s take a look at what good’ol Bandai has to offer, shall we?

Dragon Ball Z has always been one of the most popular anime in the U.S. and Bandai just couldn’t resist displaying their Figuarts ZERO Dragon Ball Z line. One of the highlights is this totally badass figure of Super Saiyan Vegeta ready to fire.


And here’s their SH Figuarts Dragon Ball Z figures.


and their DBZ candy toys.


Speaking of Bandai’s SH Figuarts series, they also proudly showed off their Power Rangers which of course hit a lot of childhoods within the Con crowd.

sh08 sh09a

Bandai also announced an SH Figuarts Batman! Gotham’s Dark Knight sure looks intimidating as he dons his original Injustice mask.

sh01 sh06

Bandai also showcased their SH Monsterarts for the horror, sci-fi and kaijuu enthusiasts. Godzilla, Biollante and AVP’s Alien (Xenomorph) warrior and Wolf Predator were all proudly displayed.

sh15 sh17 sh19

Bandai also displayed their D-Arts line which showcased Rockman (or Megaman) and Blazblue‘s lovely Noel Vermillion.

sh11 sh12 sh13

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