The live-action movie adaptation of  Boku Wa Tomodachi ga Sakunai or Haganai is already gathering some steam and now, the official website has announced the names of the two young actresses playing the loli duo of Kobato Hasegawa and Maria Takayama.


Playing Kodaka’s “chuunibyou” little sister with a thing for gothic lolita fashion is 13-year-old Sayu Kubota. The young actress appeared in a couple of J Dramas including Kamisama no Itazura. Sayu who herself is a little sister admitted that she can often relate to Kobato and that she has enjoyed playing her.

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Playing the resident child-nun Maria will be child actress Momoka Yamada. The eleven-year-old wrote on the Haganai live-action movie’s official website that she enjoyed playing a cheeky little girl and that she also enjoyed her cute nun costume.

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These two better not get along in the movie. The two youngest cast members will join Koji Seto (Kodaka), Kie Kitano (Yozora), Mio Otani (Sena), Sara Takatsuki (Yukimura) and Mao Kanjou (Rika) in the hotly anticipated movie which will premiere February 1, 2014.

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