“Keep this a secret from the rest of the class in school, okay?” Madoka Kaname pleads in a promotional poster for the Lotteria chain of fast-food restaurants — she doesn’t want everyone in school to know she’s part-timing at a burger joint.

lotteria madoka 00

But everyone did find out about it.

And they came to see her. And they stuck sticky notes on a fan-appreciate message board to show their love.

Lots, and lots of sticky notes.

Because Lotteria allowed customers to come take pictures with (life-size cut-outs of) Madoka and gang, if they bought something.

madoka magica lotteria

A collaboration between Lotteria and Newtype magazine, the Japanese fast food chain had been offering a 1,000 yen set meal that included a burger, fries, a drink, and a Madoka Magica goods raffle ticket — a chance to win Madoka Magica themed coasters, water bottles, clear files, and more.

The promotion is currently still on-going in Japan. However, according to Lotteria, the allotment of prizes at most branches have already been won.

With that said, the life-size cut-outs are probably still being displayed at most branches, so if you’re currently in Japan you might want to grab a bite at a Lotteria near you.

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