Tokushima prefecture‘s entertainment extravaganza, Machi☆Asobi Vol. 11 has already begun and boy were things festive. From itashas and cosplay to sneak peeks of some of this season’s latest anime, the event has got it covered.


The event which aims to promote Tokushima prefecture started yesterday, October 12 and will end tomorrow, October 14, 2013 and so far, a lot has already happened.

In a special ceremony held yesterday, voice actresses Asami Imai (Steins; Gate’s Kurisu Makise), Eri Kitamura (Madoka Magica‘s Sayaka Miki), Kana Akutsu (Amnesia‘s Mine) and Hiromi Igarasi (Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai‘s Hina Takenashi) were all appointed as honorary Tokushima tourism ambassadors by the Tokushima Tourism Association.


Another voice actress, Naomi Wakabayashi (Little Busters‘ Kudryavka Noumi) meanwhile handed out started decks for the Chaos trading card game. This was part of the trading card game’s collaboration campaign with the popular Puchimas!: Petit [email protected] anime which also stars Wakabayashi as the voice of Ritsuko Akizuki.


machiasobi_02_cs1w1_290x machiasobi_03_cs1w1_290x machiasobi_04_cs1w1_290x

Several anime stalls lined the Shinmachi boardwalk along the banks of the Shinmachi river.


machiasobi_05_cs1w1_720xmachiasobi_07_cs1w1_720x machiasobi_08_cs1w1_720x machiasobi_09_cs1w1_720x machiasobi_12_cs1w1_720x

ufotable cinema meanwhile offered a sneak peek into the third episode of one of the hottest anime this season, Kill la Kill as well as a “raw audio commentary” of the Kara no Kyoukai movie.

machiasobi_16_cs1w1_720x machiasobi_18_cs1w1_720x machiasobi_19_cs1w1_720x

A blood donation drive was also present. Kindhearted donors would receive either a special Fate Zero clear file or a Tales of Symphonia clear file.


The 2.2 meter 1/6.5 scale Red-5 ASHMB unit from Majestic Prince from Comiket 84 also made an appearance as it was displayed in the 1st floor lobby of the Awa Odori Kaikan.

machiasobi_34_cs1w1_720x machiasobi_35_cs1w1_x720

A Fate/Zero bus was also seen in the city as it transported passengers from the JR Tokushima station to the Awa Odori Kaikan.

machiasobi_36_cs1w1_720xmachiasobi_37_cs1w1_720x machiasobi_38_cs1w1_720x machiasobi_39_cs1w1_720x machiasobi_40_cs1w1_720x machiasobi_41_cs1w1_720x machiasobi_42_cs1w1_720x

And then of course, some cosplay

machiasobi_53_cs1w1_720x machiasobi_54_cs1w1_720x

As well as some itashas

machiasobi_47_cs1w1_720x machiasobi_49_cs1w1_720x machiasobi_50_cs1w1_720x machiasobi_51_cs1w1_720x machiasobi_52_cs1w1_720x machiasobi_69_cs1w1_720x machiasobi_71_cs1w1_720x machiasobi_73_cs1w1_720x machiasobi_76_cs1w1_720x

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