With the premiere of the third Madoka Magica movie a mere days away, Japan is already at the grip of Madoka fever and everybody just wants a piece of the lovely magical girls.

It has recently been revealed by renowned manga and magazine publishers Shogakukan that their Spirit Magazine will have a special collaboration issue with the upcoming Madoka Magica: Rebellion Story movie. That special collaboration issue will be seen in the magazine’s 47th issue which will hit the shelves on October 21, 2013, a few days before the movie’s October 26 premiere.


The magazine’s cover features actress Mio Uema and idol Honoka Akimoto as they cosplay Madoka Kaname and Homura Akemi. Cosplaying Madoka is Mio Uema, an actress who is known for her role as Neko in the movie Good Coming Tooru to Neko. She also stars as one of the girls in the live-action version of the Daily Lives of High School Boys. Cosplaying Homura meanwhile is the 15-year old Honoka Akimoto from the up and coming idol group Team Syachihoko.

The special collaboration issue will also include this special postcard featuring the magical girls Homura, Mami, Madoka, Sayaka and Kyouko in their swimwear.


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