Many fans often dream of rubbing shoulders and shaking hands with their favorite idols, but in the case of Hatsune Miku, that may not even be possible as the angelic diva is well… a virtual one.

A new technology combing the Occulus Rift and a robotic arm however may give you the closest thing, introducing the Miku Miku Akushu!

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Introduced last September 23, 2013, this exciting new way to greet everybody’s favorite virtual diva is now on display in the 2013 Digital Content Expo held in the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan).


An Occulus Rift provides a head mounted display of the virtual diva and a robotic hand lets you shake her “hand”. The hand comes with sensors and uses a 3D touch interface known as Novint Falcon which makes the robotic hand go up and down to give you that feeling that it really is Miku shaking your hand.



With the Novint Falcon 3D Touch controller, you can feel a realistic sense of touch in all of your video games. Whether you game for fun or as a competitive gamer, the Falcon will bring a new level of immersion and control to your gaming experience. It will even bring back new life to old games. Quick exchangeable grips (handles) will further enhance the immersive experience.

The Miku Miku Akushu will be on display at the expo until October 26 so if you happen to be in Japan during that time, why not drop by and say hi to her?

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