For eight days, Guangzhou, China held the China International Cartoon Festival or CICF. The event was held in the Guangzhou Pazhou exhibition hall from September 28-October 9, 2013.

The event not only showcased animation from Taiwan and Hong Kong but also several Japanese anime and manga as well as some cosplay, live talk shows and autograph sessions. Japanese artistes also preformed during the event and boy did they receive a warm welcome from the Chinese crowd as crowds packed just to see Nao, Ayane, Marina Nakamura and D-51 perform.

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Ayane started things off for the Japanese contingent with a live performance on October 1. She thrilled the crowd by singing Steins; Gate movie Fuka Ryouiki no Déjà vu‘s ending song, Itsumo Kono Basho de. She also held an autograph session for the fans along with the members of D-51 the same day.

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D-51 meanwhile thrilled the crowd the very next day, October 2 with their hit songs Brand New World from One Piece and Familia from Reborn!

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Nao also electrified the Chinese crowd by singing the opening song for Hyperdimension Neptunia the Animation titled Dimension Tripper. She also sang the theme song for the video game Chaos;Head Love Chu Chu! titled Shinkuro Shiyouyo to the delight of the crowd.

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Marina Nakamura also made her presence felt as she performed the Crow Song from Angel Beats.

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