Medicom‘s Real Action Hero (RAH) line has already provided some nice quality 1/6 scale articulated figures over the years and now, Attack on Titan‘s ab-tastic heroine Mikasa Ackerman joins that already stellar line.


Medicom’s dedicated development and planning staff just previewed this mighty giant slayer in their official blog and boy does she look fine. This 1/6 scale articulated figure figure has been sculpted in fine detail just like most RAH products and comes with her signature red muffler as well her 3D Maneuver Gear so she can fight battle to save humanity.

Mikasa’s release is still a ways to go as she is scheduled to hit the shelves July 2014. Pre-order hasn’t started yet but Medicom has confirmed she will have a price tag of 23,600 yen. They will also be announcing more on their RAH Mikasa Ackerman in the future.

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