The third Madoka Magica movie, The Rebellion Story is currently showing in Japanese theaters and Madoka fever is as strong as ever.

Azone International is releasing a 1/3 scale doll based on the movie version of Homura Akemi as part of their Hybrid Active doll line.


Armed with her time jump shield, pipe bomb and pistol, this doll is armed in both conventional and magical methods of warfare. Homuhomu measures in at 50cm in height and her head is sculpted by Chizuru while her main body is sculpted by ZAN.

FIG-DOL-6621_01 FIG-DOL-6621_02 FIG-DOL-6621_04 FIG-DOL-6621_05 FIG-DOL-6621_07 FIG-DOL-6621_09

1/3 scale Hybrid Active Homura Akemi movie version doll is scheduled for release late February 2014  and is now available for pre-orders via Amiami for 56,000 yen.

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