Griffon Enterprises is no stranger to Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sakunai or Haganai figures and their latest figure of Sena Kashiwazaki is absolutely irresistible.


This 1/8 scale PVC version of “Meat”, as she’s referred to by some of the characters in the series, stands at approximately 21.5cm and is produced by Iroha Katori. This Sena Mini Skirt Swordswoman is armed with a short sword while wearing a red cape and reproduces the school festival flashback scene from Haganai Next’s episode six where Sena played the heroic lead.

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Now, if we only have a wicked witch for this hero to fight against…


Sena Mini Skirt Swordswoman is scheduled for release late November 2013 and is now available for reservations via Hobby Search for a pre-order price of 7,560 yen.

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