When Dengeki Bunko announced the new fighting game based on their characters, people went nuts. Just the sight of Shakugan no Shana’s titular character fighting Sword Art Online’s Asuna  was enough to send shivers down the spines of many fans the world over.

dengeki bunko fighting climax

Now, two new main roster characters as well as several support characters have finally been announced and they are A Certain series‘ Mikoto Misaka and OreImo‘s Kirino… wait… Kirino?! That’s right! Everyone’s favorite (or not-so-favorite) bro-con little sister will be fighting the likes of Academy City level 5 esper Mikoto and Flame Haze Shana.

dengekifc20131005_cs1w1_720x dfc1005_02_cs1w1_x720 kirino01_cs1w1_x720

The roster of support characters have also been announced. Supporting Sword Art Online‘s Asuna will be the lightning-fast Leafa and supporting Shana will be the Flame Haze maid Wilhelmina Carmel. Supporting Kirino meanwhile will be her “friend” Kuroneko and supporting Mikoto will be the “Imagine Breaker” himself, Touma Kamijou.

dfc1005_04_cs1w1_720x dfc1005_05_cs1w1_720x

Support characters can be called freely and can also be used as part of a combo. Support characters however cannot be used in succession as there will be a 4-5 second recovery time after you use them.

Besides the support character system, players have a variety of other attacks to choose from like the Impact skill when you press A+B or A+B+down or the Blast attack when you simultaneously press A, B and C. You can also use your trump card by pressing B+C together. This will unleash a very powerful attack but you will have to spend a “Blitz Mark” to use it.

dfc1005_06_cs1w1_720x dfc1005_07_cs1w1_720x dfc1005_08_cs1w1_720x

The game uses the standard eight-way joystick and four buttons system so attack combos aren’t going to be super easy or super difficult to do.

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