In the October of 1972, legendary manga artist Go Nagai set the standards for the super robot genre with Mazinger Z. Now, his classic work will get transformed into moe anime girls with Robot Girls Z.


The anime is scheduled to air January 2014 during the winter anime season and to celebrate, the three main voice actresses pay Go Nagai a visit.

Seiyuu or voice actresses Inori Minase, Kazusa Aranami and Mariko Honda payed the legendary manga author a visit and he greeted the girls warmly. The three voice actresses were even given a special Super Robot Chogokin of their respective super robot counterparts. Inori Minase voices Gre-chan who is based on Great Mazinger, Kazusa Aranami voices Grenda-san who is based on Grendizer and Mariko Honda voices Zed-chan who of course is the anime girl version of Mazinger Z.

The three held their super robot counterparts as they posed a picture with Go Nagai.


Mariko Honda is known for voicing Kurimu Sakurano from The Student Council’s Discretion or Seitokai no Ichizon. According to her, the meeting with Go Nagai pleasantly surprised her as his works have invoked a myriad of emotions within her.

Inori Minase meanwhile is known for voicing Suzu Tanashi from Love Lab. She expressed her excitement for voicing Gre-chan.

Kazusa Aranami who is known for voicing Tomoe Gojouin from Da Capo III explained that she has been quite familiar with Go Nagai’s works such as Cutie Honey, Devilman and Mazinger Z and when she found out that she will be voicing Grenda-san, she explained that it put her on cloud 9.


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