A fervor for free-to-play social online card game Kantai Collection is currently sweeping across Japan like the divine wind itself, and it has taken over everything from nendoroids to its own official web manga.


Doujin maker Paw Lab has made his own fan-made creation by taking these anthropomorphic battleship cuties in good ol’ fashioned 8bit format.


This “Super 8bit Kantai Collection deluxe strategy guide” comes with a fan-made manga (doujinshi) as well as a soundtrack CD. It details how the game might be played if it were a retro video game from the 1990’s.

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The soundtrack CD meanwhile offers that retro game feel as it contains an “8bit soundtrack” composed by YMO of Hatsune Miku Orchestra fame.

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Kantai Collection is a popular online game focusing on moe anthropomorph versions of World War II battleships like the Yamato, the Akagi and the Shimakaze which now seems to have become the mascot character of the series. It should not be confused with the other series with moe anthropomorphic World War II battleships, Arpeggio of the Blue Steel, which is currently airing in Japan.

Kantai collection was released last April 2013 and has become extremely popular throughout Japan. The online social game is so popular that in one week in August 2013 alone, the game experienced a massive spike in players more than 100,000 more people signed up to play. The game has become so popular that comparisons have been made to Touhou or Project Shrine Maiden.

An anime and a PS Vita videogame titled KanColle Kai have been slated in 2014 and both promise to retain the original voice cast from the online game.

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