Sega‘s Lucky Kuji is turning up the manliness with their latest prizes as Fist of the North Star mans up their latest Lucky Kuji prize offerings.


This extremely “Manly” lottery celebrates the 30th anniversary of Buronson and Tetsuo Hara’s hit shounen manga series which began serialization in 1983 via Weekly Shounen Jump. The prizes range from figures to towels to coasters as well as a very special original art panel autographed by Tetsuo Hara himself.

A Prize: 22 cm Kenshiro figure


B Prize: 22 cm Raoh Figure


C Prize: Original art panel


D Prize: Jagi Mask


E Prize: 6 cm Fist of the North Star tray


F Prize: Choice of either one of three mugs inspired by the manga


G Prize: Choice of of either one of three coaster sets. Each set contains two coasters


H Prize: Choice of of either one of three clear file sets. Each set contains three clear files


I Prize: Quotations towels


Special “Lucky” last prize: 22 cm Raoh figure. This figure sports a different color to the B prize Raoh figure.


“Double Lucky” prize: This figure is colored differently to the A prize figure and only 100 people will be able to win this rare color version.


An extremely lucky few will also be able to win a very special prize, which is this art panel autographed by the manga’s illustrator himself, Tetsuo Hara. Only ten (10) people will be “Triple Lucky” enough to be able to get their hands on this rare autographed piece of art.


Was that enough testosterone for you? This special lottery will be released to a few selected Seven Eleven convenience stores all over Japan in late October 2013 so better hope that you’re “Lucky” enough to win the prizes that you want.

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