Anime otaku may be the largest and most important audience any anime will ever hope to watch their series. Japanese online research institute Ure Pia has recently conducted a study and asked self-proclaimed anime otaku which of the new Fall 2013 anime they think are the ones to watch this season.

Now, there are a lot to choose from and it seems that five new anime came out on top quite handily, and the results aren’t very surprising. Just a reminder though, these are brand new anime franchises and not anime returning for another season so series like IS: Infinite Stratos and Kuroko’s Basketball are definitely out of the question, even if they dominated twitter with their premiere episodes.

Here are the five new anime series they have chosen:


(Studio Trigger)


Epic (and often over the top) action sequences, fast-paced tempo, great voice acting chemistry by Toshihiko Seki (Senketsu) and Ami Koshimizu (Ryuuko Matoi) and some unique school uniforms have captured the hearts of many anime otaku in Japan. Kill-la-Kill is currently one of the most talked about anime this season so its inclusion in this list is not very surprising.

Nagi no Asukara
(PA Works)

nagi no asu kara 01

This anime provides a very beautiful backdrop and vivid animation which is expected of PA Works. This “under the sea” anime boasts a unique setting as well as complex characters and “Spongebob logic” jokes aside, anime otaku seem to have been taken by it… oh, and a cute moe character voiced by Kana Hanazawa doesn’t hurt either.

Gallilei Donna
(A-1 Pictures)


This futuristic anime based on Galileo Galiliei’s descendants has been talked about in many anime circles thanks to its unique setting and beautiful and vivid animation. It’s unique “Fish Mecha” have also added to this anime’s appeal just as much as the three Galileo sisters who headline this anime. It’s action-packed and offers that cat and mouse game that has always driven audiences to the edge of their seats… and yes, that’s a goldfish mecha that’s kicking butts.

Outbreak Company


What happens when an otaku suddenly becomes the Japanese representative to a strange new world filled with dragons, elves, lizard men and magic? A whole lot of trouble actually. Outbreak Company’s blatant anime references and dedication to the otaku sub-culture has won the hearts of many and therefore cemented its inclusion in this list.

Arpeggio of the Blue Steel: Ars Nova


In the tradition of Girls Und Panzer, Uppotte! and Strike Witches comes this epic anime based on anthropomorphic World War II battleship girls. The anime boasts solid and engaging post-apocalyptic story line, complex characters, vivid CGI animation, thrilling combat sequences and of course, those cute battleship girls so this series most definitely gets into the radar of many anime otaku.

And if you’re thinking this is just gonna be another moe anime about weapons, you will be proven wrong as this series presents a dark story line about humanity’s struggle for survival against the “Fleet of Fog”.

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Via Ure Pia Research Institute


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