Last month Namco Bandai Games announced Tales of Bibliotheca, an omnibus iOS app that chronicles the some of the storylines and scenarios from past Tales JRPGs – told with voicework and illustrations.

Today, we get our first look at the game app via a first PV trailer than Namco Bandai has put out, and – surprise, surprise – Tales of Bibliotheca doesn’t look nearly as dreary as it sounds.

Developed by Jupiter, the makers behind Square Enix’s best game ever The World Ends With You, the first chapter in Tales of Bibliotheca will cover the story in Tales of Vesperia, split up into 12 chapters. If that doesn’t sound like a lot of material, that’s because it isn’t — only certain major scenes will be covered here.

Although Tales of Bibliotheca isn’t a JRPG per se, there will be interactive battles that app users can actually play.

The way you actually take control of the characters in these battles, however, is a little obscure: rather than select attacks, you will intead select character dialogues and try to link them up for a chain attack.

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