When it’s finally released, Ultra Street Fighter IV won’t just add five new characters, six new stages, and rebalance the entire roster’s moves; there will also be new mechanics.

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything on Ultra Street Fighter IV’s front, but Capcom has finally broken the silence they’ve maintained on the game today, by announcing that it will introduce two new mechanics: the Ultra Combo Double, and Red Focus Attacks.

Ultra Combo Double

ultra combo double

In Super Street Fighter IV, after a player selects his character, he is prompted to pick from one of two Ultra Combo attacks available. Depending on which character you’re fighting against (the character match-up), there are times when Ultra Combo I may make more sense, while other times Ultra Combo II may be the smarter option — you have to pick one, you can’t have your cake and still eat it.

In USF4, that all changes as there will be a new third option that will allow a player to use either Ultra Combo in a match, at the expense of less raw damage dealt with the Ultra Combo attack — allowing for more chances to land big (but slightly reduced) damage.

Red Focus Attack

red focus attack

The other new mechanic being introduced is the Red Focus Attack, which will allow players to focus absorb multi-hit attacks from their opponent.

The Red Focus Attack requires energy in the Super Meter to use, and is subject to the same weaknesses as the regular Focus Attack (outside of being able to absorb more than a single hit).

Unblockables removed, location tests coming

Finally, Capcom is also happy announce that they’ve ridden the game of unblockable setups — or at least, the ones they know about — and that they will be holding location tests very soon.

To see the new mechanics in action, check out this video that Capcom Unity has put up:

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Source: Capcom-Unity, Ayano’s blog via EventHubs


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