At Anime Festival Asia 2013 (AFA13), we caught up with May’n, the powerful singing voice behind Macross Frontier‘s “Galactic Fairy” Sheryl Nome.

In this exclusive one-to-one interview, find out what she feels about the scale of Anime Festival Asia’s annual growth, and what her secret trick is, for learning foreign languages — which she tries to speak a little of at every single overseas location she performs in.


—This is May’n’s 6th AFA appearance — which means she’s been at every one of them since the very beginning. How does May’n feel about Singapore, and the way AFA has just grown so much over the years?

Every year, her fans here in Singapore have been supporting her throughout every concert and she is very, very happy to have their support, and glad to be back again.

May’n is very glad to be a part of AFA every year thus far, and as AFA grew bigger and bigger, the I Love Anisong concerts were eventually held not just in Singapore, but also in other Asian countries like Indonesia. Even when she was at the last AFA concert in Indonesia, she could really feel the power from her fans and till now she still remembers the feeling of excitement she got from performing for them.


—Which AFA was the most memorable for May’n?

It would have to be the very first AFA in Singapore, she says, because it’s the very first time she had travelled out of Japan to perform.


—Quite a number of our readers are from the Philippines, where she will be visiting to perform next month; any surprises for her fans there that she can tease? A message for them, please.

She had been receiving a lot of fan letters for the Philippines and she is looking forward to performing for the fans there.


— May’n’s enunciation of English and other foreign languages (which she tries to speak a little of, at every foreign country she’s performed in) is quite impressive. Is she just naturally talented with languages, or if she has a trick to practising those foreign-language lines?

May’n said she feels that as her fans had been trying to learn Japanese, to try and understand how much effort they have to put into this, and to reciprocate her fans’ efforts, she felt that she should learn their language too.

As to how she learned those languages, May’n says that she did it mostly through the books and the Internet.


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