On November 24, 8PM Japan time (GMT+0900 hours), Atlus is set to make some sort of exciting announcement with regards to the Persona series, via a teaser site that’s been gradually updated since it first went live in September.


Earlier today, the teaser site once again received yet another minor update: this time, if you click on the three square boxes on the upper halve of the site, a 2D sprite image of Teddy appears — which, along with the fact that six Japanese cities are mentioned on the teaser site, is likely to mean that the November 24 announcment is for a Persona band nationwide music tour in 2014.

Of course, that’s not what Persona game fans (including myself) are hoping for. The vast majority of these fans are still holding out hope for a Persona 5 announcement.

But if you consider that Teddy has been the “host” or “emcee” for the Persona Music Live 2012 and Persona Music FES 2013 concerts — the premise of these concerts is that the entire thing is held from within the Midnight Channel (Mayonaka TV in Japanese) — and that this would be the third year Teddy would be the fictional host for the concerts, then displaying three boxes (television sets?) with Teddy in them, on the teaser site, would make a lot of sense.

Second Persona Music live tour in Japan

Besides, this is not the first time the Persona band has done a nationwide music tour: Back in 2010, they were on the road for a series of three concerts in Nagoya, Osaka, and Tokyo’s Shibuya district respectively.

Incidentally, the 2010 music tour came two years of Tokyo-only Persona live concerts — Persona Music Live: Velvetroom in Akasaka Blitz in 2008, and Persona Music Live 2009: Velvetroom in Wel City Tokyo.

This matches up with the 2014 concert being a tour rather than a single show, after two successful annual concerts in Tokyo.

Holding a nationwide music tour in Japan for 2014 would also solve one other problem: in 2013 the Persona band held its concert in Nippon Budokan, one of the biggest and most prestigious concert halls in Tokyo, and it would be quite difficult for them to top their Budokan concert.

This very issue was addressed during one of the talk parts at the Persona Music FES 2013, held earlier this year in August.

yumi kawamuraIn it, series vocalist Yumi Kawamura mentioned that although the Persona Music Live concerts have been growing bigger in scale with each passing year it’s been held (they skipped a year in 2011), the organisers never imagined that one day they would be performing at the Nippon Budokan.

(The 2013 concert was also livestreamed to various cinema theatres in Japan, and online through Nico Video.)

Kawamura then added that it would be difficult to top holding a concert at the Nippon Budoukan, and asked for suggestions from the audience on where they should hold the next one.

“Dome! Dome!,” the crowd screamed in unison.

“Eh? Tokyo Dome?” Kawamura laughed in response to the suggestion.

“Okay, I’m just going to give it to you straight, people. I’m just going to give it to you straight… Tokyo Dome… Who are you guys kidding? There’s no way that could happen!”

Kawamura continued: “But wouldn’t it be nice if we could just hold it at Budoukan as well every time?” Thunderous applause came from the audience, assenting the suggestion.

Regardless if the 2014 Persona Music concert would be held at Budokan or not, going on the road for a nationwide tour in six locations all across Japan would certainly top the Persona band’s 2013 act.


So is that the big announcement Atlus will make for November 24? Guess we’ll find out in a couple of days’ time.

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