In the Attack on Titan anime, horses have always played an important part in humanity’s struggle against the mysterious enemy known as the titans. Now, the Japan Racing Association (JRA) has unveiled a brand new collaboration with the popular anime.

aot racing a

A brand new website has already been opened for the collaboration and it features a video as well as an interactive web game. The web game, entitled “Attack on Japan Cup” turns humanity’s brave defenders into horse racers which won’t be far off from what they are usually doing… which is racing for their lives when running from a horde of titans.

aot racing b

The interactive web game is similar to a rhythm game as Eren runs through the race course. How well you fared on every stage would affect Eren’s race position and he will also be receiving approval and disapproval points from the announcer. The game is played by clicking your mouse button while correctly timing it with the passing points.

aot racing c

The website has also announced that they will be revealing more information on an event known as “Shingeki no Ariba Kinen” on December 11, 2013.

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Via Attack on Japan Cup official website.


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