Female anime fans and fujoshis are on the rise in Japan and Animate celebrated them in a special event, the Animate Girls Festival 2013.


The event was held from November 2-3 at Sunshine City, Ikebukuro and was certainly a feast for any female anime fan. Now, we take a look at the cosplay and some of the merchandise displayed during the event.


Ikebukuro has been known as the favorite hangout for female anime fans and fujoshis because of the famed “Otome Road” as well as rows of shops dedicated to them. On the morning of November 2, Ikebukuro was flooded with even more women because of the event.

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Of course, it won’t be an anime event without the oh so important cosplay. UtaPri, Amnesia, Magi, Black Butler and yes, Free! were all represented.

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Alter caused some major waves by revealing their latest figures. These abtastic figures of Makoto Tachibana and Haruka Nanase from Free! are sure to make some female anime fans squeal!


Alter has been catering to female anime fans as of late and they are not complaining as their UtaPri figure display shows

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Good Smile Company meanwhile showed off their Attack on Titan goodies, including a prototype of a Levi nendoroid. The shounen series has proven to be extremely popular to female anime fans.


And then there’s Megahouse and their display featuring Magi, Sailor Moon and Kuroko’s Basketball.

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