Dezaegg is letting fans of the Monogatari series display their love for the show while protecting their technology. Featuring the key visuals for the Nisemonogatari series, the newest addition to the DezaJacket series provide an affordable way to cover your iPad.

ipadkeyvisual niseipad2

Apart from the key visuals a silhouetted version of all the girls (and Araragi) standing side by side. Their shadows are the youkai that possessed them, or in the case of Araragi, it’s the shadow dwelling vampire  Shinobu.


The company is also offering Nisemonogatari versions of their DezaSkin products for PSP3000’s. The fire sisters, Karen and Tsukihi, appear separately, so you will have to pick between the sister of justice and the kimono-wearing one.

 pspfrontkaren karenback tsukihifront tsukihiback

Pre-Otorimonogatari Nadeko is also one of the options, looking shyly at you from her place on the back of the PSP.

nadekofront nadekoback

Senjougahara has rolled up her sleeves to get to work on her version of the cover. The background features all the stationary she infamously kept up her skirt during Bakemonogatari.

hitagifront hitagiback

If you don’t mind carrying a lost cow around, Mayoi Hachikuji is ready to run off on a new journey.

mayoifront mayoiback

Suruga is ready to show you some of her latest “literature” purchases as she stands before a stack of books on her version of the skin.

monkeycasefront monkeycaseback

You also have the option of a Hanekawa without glasses gracing the back of your PSP. The pawprints along the side help to remind you that there’s a Sawari Neko just waiting to greet you if you neglect her.

hanekawafront hanekawaback

If you wear glasses you need a place to store them, so why not this Hanekawa themed hard case?



As an added bonus the case comes with a cleaning cloth featuring Hanekawa before she cut her hair.



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Source: Animate TV


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