When playing JRPG games, the background music often sets the tempo and makes the battle a little bit more exciting. Let’s face it, playing these games on mute just isn’t the same.


Now, niconico news has announced eleven RPG background music that people love to listen to. Here is their list of which RPG background music to people think is the best:

Final Fantasy VII

According to a voter, the background music during boss battles would make the tension go way up.

Final Fantasy V

A female voter states that the BG music of FFV just charges you up.

Final Fantasy VI

Like Final Fantasy VII, a voter also stated the the background music during boss fights are particularly intense

Dragon Quest III

According to a male voter, its orchestral BGM is quite fitting for such a classic RPG

Chrono Trigger

A female voter states that Chrono Trigger’s battle BGM triggers some memories on how hard some of the battles in the game are.

Romancing SaGa

The BGM for the final boss are usually very intense and according to a voter, the final boss battle’s BGM is most intense

Secret of Mana/ Seiken Densetsu 2

The boss fight against Thanatos is considered to be both creepy and catchy at the same time


Its catchy monotone battle BGM has captured the hearts of fans ever since the first gen. It’s Pokemon, need I say more?

Mother 2

Its rich and distinctive battle BGM has been remade into many variations so no doubt, Mother 2 makes it to the list.

Persona 4

Shouji Meguro’s cool and stylish BGM has captured the hearts of many, including yours truly.

Do you agree?

So which other Japanese RPG background music do you like the most? Hyperdimension Neptunia? Kingdom Hearts? There are too many to choose from that’s for sure.

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Via Niconico News


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