It’s finally midway through the 2013 Fall anime season and many fans have taken several heroines as their “waifu” already. Now, Japanese media website DDNavi takes a look at which anime heroine from the ongoing Fall 2013 anime season would make the best bride.

10- Myucel Foaran- Outbreak Company


This half-elf maid has captured the hearts of many audiences due to her loyalty and submissiveness. Her demeanor makes you want to protect her.

9- Lamdia de Accimemor – I Couldn’t Become a Hero, So I Reluctantly Decided to Get a Job (Yu-Sibu)


This proud Lawson employee is a certified hard worker with a lot of pride in her work… you just have to call her by her complete name or else…

8- Nanami Ao- Yozakura Quartet Hana no Uta


This youkai is known to be sweet, cute and kind and is often willing to help others. These traits would make her one fine bride for any man.

7- Chocolat -My Mental Choices are Completely Interfering with my School Romantic Comedy (Ore no Nounai)


This “pet” is loyal and obedient just like a dog. She is often unhelpful but when needed the most, she usually pulls through.

6- Iona- Arpeggio of the Blue Steel


This deadly anthropomorphic World War II submarine from “The Fog” is known for her poker faced demeanor and unshakable loyalty.

5- Chinami Oka


This cute and petite college freshman may look like a kid but she has a very adult demeanor  as well as a friendly outgoing attitude which many find charming

4- Hozuki Ferrari- Galilei Donna


This genius inventor is a descendant of the great Galileo Galilei. She is hard working, sweet and gentle with a strong sense of justice.

3- Komari Koshigaya- Non Non Biyori


Nicknamed by fans as loli-senpai, this pint-sized middleschooler has captured the hearts of many with her innocence and child-like behavior despite the fact that she is one of the oldest students in her school.

2- Petralka Anne Eldant III- Outbreak Company


She may look like a child but she is actually older than she looks, and on top of it all, she is a queen. This girl is one determined royal and she ain’t above working hard in order to get what she wants. She is a classic tsundere with all the obvious traits, add in her royal status and you’ve got one formula for a popular character.

1- Renge Miyauchi- Non Non Biyori


Taking the #1 spot in DDNavi’s list is the cute first grader Renge. This girl is known for her innocence (which is understandable given her age) as well as her playfulness. She is also quite loyal to her friends.

There you have it folks, the ten heroines from the 2013 fall anime season who would make the best bride. Looks like loyalty is one common trait among all of their picks. Do you agree with their list?

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