Kantai Collection has now become a national phenomenon in Japan and Family Mart is now selling several KanColle goodies from shirts to soap.


These will be the second wave of Kancolle goodies as Family Mart has previously started collaborating with the popular online social game.

These Kantai Collection shirts come in three designs namely the 6th Destroyer Fleet, the Four Sisters and the heavy cruisers. Each shirt costs 3,500 yen and are scheduled for release January 15, 2014.

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This cute Shimakaze hooded towel is inspired by the cute Shimakaze. It costs 5,000 yen and is also scheduled for release January 15, 2014.


The Shimakaze Belly Band meanwhile is scheduled for release February 1, 2014 and also costs 5,000 yen.


The Rensouhou-chan card case features Shimakaze’s lovable canons. It’s also scheduled for release February 1 and costs 1,890 yen.


Family Mart is also releasing these Kancolle soaps which come in three designs, Shimakaze, Tenryu and Haruna. Each soap costs 800 yen.

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Family Mart will also be releasing this Shimakaze cosplay set which costs 43,050 yen. It is scheduled for release January 8, 2014 and comes with Shimakaze’s bunny ears head band, gloves, skirt, top and socks. It comes in four sizes namely S, M, L and XL.

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The Kancolle cookie box meanwhile features the battleship girls as cookies and are packaged inside a cute battleship box. The whole package contains 12 cookies and is currently being sold in Family Mart convenience stores nationwide.


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Via Family Mart x Kancolle official website


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