November 11 marks the birthday of K-On!‘s Azusa Nakano or, as her fans more affectionately call her, Azunyan.

When you have a favorite character it’s difficult not to celebrate their birthday. Fans of Azusa celebrated her birthday with the pocky game, a compiling of merchandise and lots of cake.


Because of her weakness for sweets and her birthday coinciding with Pocky Day, fans decided to try and play the Pocky game with her. One did so by making Azusa into a cake, making the end of one particular stick of Pocky even sweeter.


To make it a two-way Pocky game, another fan rigged a motor inside her mouth to create a robo-Azunyan.


Fans also offered up cakes to their shrines of Azusa, which covered this fan’s desk.


Another decided to recreate the cake from the second opening song No THANK YOU! with caramel sauce added to compensate for Azusa’s sweet tooth.


This fan, though, took the cake as they created a replica of Sakuragaoka High, the main school featured in K-On! and set the club members on the roof to celebrate their youngest member’s birthday.


Apart from cake and Pocky some fans decided to just surround themselves with as much Azunyan as possible, like this fan who even has the real-life version of Azusa’s guitar, a Fender Japan ’69 Mustang in Candy Apple Red.


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