K-On! fans recently flocked the old building of the Toyosato Elementary School last November 17, 2013 and it is to celebrate the birthdays of two very special characters.


Those two very special characters are Azusa Nakano, whose birthday is set on November 11 and Yui Hirasawa whose birthday falls on November 27. Azusa, who is called Azu-nyan by Yui, may have had her birthday previously celebrated by her fans, but this one is special not just because it is a joint celebration with her Yui-senpai but it is also held in her school… ok, the elementary school which was used as a basis for her high school.


The five members of Hokago Tea Time (HTT), Yui, Azusa, Mio, Mugi and Ritsu, became the guests of honor during the birthday celebration. During the event, there was cosplay, music and of course, cake. What’s a K-On! celebration without cake and music anyway?

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The old building of the Toyosato Elementary School in Toyosato town, Shiga prefecture has gained notoriety when the K-On! manga by Kakifly based Sakuragaoka High School on Toyosato. Ever since the first season of the anime aired in 2009, the school has become a pilgrimage site for many anime fans visiting the Shiga prefecture.

Girls’ Love and Yuri manga magazine, Yuri Hime also celebrated K-on!’s two November girls by featuring the two in the cover of this month’s issue.


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