Funashi may not be able to enter the Yuru Chara Grand Prix because he’s an unofficial mascot, but that isn’t stopping the strange pear-fairy character from making waves in the world of regional mascots.

The last time Funashi managed to make headlines was because a well-aimed kick from Miku Dayo sent him flying towards these talk show hosts.

This time, however, he’s making a better name for himself by becoming the first mascot to debut as a voice actor and, in a variety show, as an guest entertainment reporter. His co-stars from the new Percy Jackson movie (well, new in Japan, that is), AKB48‘s Mayuyu and Mamoru Miyano (Riku in Kingdom Hearts; Yagami Light in Death Note), were on the show to be interviewed, and to help judge Funashi’s abilities as an entertainment reporter.


During their interview, Funashi, known for ending all his sentences with the phrase “nashi” which sounds vaguely like pear, did his best to impress the voice actors by excitedly talking about how he’s the same as them — that Funashi’s a voice actor too.

Miyano, however, decided half in earnest, half in jest, that it would be best for him to break the harsh truth to Funashi: The mascot is simply too rowdy to become a voice actor, especially with the rustling of his clothing. He was just good enough to become the voice of a snake within the film though.


You can watch all of Funashi’s antics during the interview below, as well as some sample voice acting clips from the cast.

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