Girls Und Panzer has proven to be extremely popular and now, even after the anime has aired, the anime is still going strong. Now, the anime has revealed a few more promotions they have set up from blood drives to trains and a football team.

A few Girls und Panzer red cross posters have been recently seen and they are urging everyone to donate blood… and yes, that’s Miho Nishizumi in a nurse outfit.

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The anime’s official twitter account has also revealed several images of workers applying Girls Und Panzer decals on a train car. This official Garupan train not only features the Oarai girls but also the girls from the other schools. From the picture, it seems like both the exterior and the interior would contain a whole lot of Garupan.

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According to the official twitter account, the Garupan train promotes the upcoming Angler Fish festival this November 17. The Angler Fish festival is an annual event celebrated in the town of Oarai which is the “hometown” of Girls und Panzer. An official Garupan strap will be released for the even. Here’s the strap as it is used in the Garupan train


The anime is also sponsoring a football team, the FC Mito Hollyhock Ibaraki or the Mito Hollyhock for short. The team is part of the J League Division 2 and the girls have been quite busy promoting kick-off lately…


The team’s home arena, the K’s Denki stadium in Mito, Ibaraki prefecture has also been riddled with characters from the anime. Looks like its clear that the Oarai girls are truly cheering for that one specific team.

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Mito Hollyhock is based on Mito in Ibaraki Prefecture which is of course, synonymous with Girls und Panzer.

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