If you thought Kuroko’s Basketball has already been too red hot and controversial as of late, well think again; things are about to get a little more red hot and controversial as the highly popular sports series is now being featured in Japan’s Weekly Playboy magazine.


Yes, you read it right, Playboy (although the Japanese Weekly Playboy magazine is quite a tad bit different from the US magazine of the same name). In a magazine scan posted by twitter user mattyamattya, six gravure models all wore the jerseys belonging to the fabled “Generation of Miracles”.

Clad in their basketball jerseys and sneakers, the six lovely ladies dressed up as Seirin’s Kuroko Tetsuya, Touou’s Daiki Aomine, Kaijou’s Kise Ryota, Shutoku’s Shintarou Midorima, Yosen’s Atsushi Murasakibara and Rakuzan’s Seijuro Akashi.


The shoot was done inside the hardwood which would make it all more fitting. A tall girl named Natsuki Saito played Center as Yosen’s Atsushi Murasakibara while Aoi Tamaki cosplays Rakuzan’s Seijuro Akashi. Priscilla Ayaka dresses up as Shutoku’s Shintarou Midorima while a model named Chihiro takes up Kise Ryota’s blue Kaijou jersey.


Meanwhile, another tall model, Yurina Takiguchi takes on the role of tall forward Daiki Aomine from Touou. Beside her is Terada who of course is wearing Kuroko Tetsuya’s jersey.

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