Hokago Tea Time (HTT)’s lead guitarist and vocalist Yui Hirasawa from K-On!! is celebrating her birthday today, November 27, 2013 and her fans have surely not forgotten.

Like her cute junior (kouhai), fans posted images of their own personal celebrations featuring the ditzy, cake and tea loving high school musician. Their celebrations would often feature Yui’s beloved cakes and of course, various Yui merchandise from figures and nendoroids to jackets and shirts.

Here’s one from twitter user imarmNV


twitter user porureo proudly displayed his Yui merchandise


twitter user RRRRotz meanwhile has some cake for the notorious cake lover along with a whole battalion of Yuis… that cake ain’t gonna last long.


Other fans also showed off their Yui gear as they celebrated her birthday with cake and even some wine. Well, Yui was supposed to be born November 27, 1991 so she’s pretty much in the legal age by now.

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Some people also shared their messages online as they greeted Yui a very happy birthday like twitter user Ramiel223.


Fans have also celebrated Yui’s birthday in advance. A good example would the joint birthday celebration at the Toyosato Elementary School where fans celebrated her birthday along with HTT’s other guitarist, Azusa.

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several images were via Yaraon!


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