The Kantai Collection menu is currently being served up at the Good Smile Cafe along with their IS: Infinite Stratos 2 menu. Now, GSC’s new “face”, Kahotan who replaced the retired Mikatan has now previewed the second batch of Kancolle menu items to be served at the Good Smile Cafe along with a very special nendoroid.


The first new item on the menu is the Shimakaze plate which of course is based on Shimakaze. This cheesecake is served with chocolate “ribbons”.


The Destroyer Fleet #6 Donburi represents the hair colors of the destroyers which belong to the 6th fleet. Izakuchi is represented by minced tuna, Inazuma is represented by salmon, Hibiki by sardines and Akatsuki is represented by Nori.



The Shoukaku and Zuikaku Sortie Sandwich represents the Japanese aircraft carriers from World War II. The ham and cheese open-faced sandwich represents Shoukaku’s hair and outfit while the lettuce and egg represents Zuikaku. Both sandwiches look like aircraft carriers about to launch their fighters.


An extravagant tea set meanwhile represents Kongou. This English-style tea set is inspired by the British-made Japanese battleship who just loves to speak English.


Kahotan also stated that there will be more additions to the food menu as well as the drink menu. She also previewed this cute little aircraft carrier which would certainly whet any nendoroid enthusiast’s appetite. Kahotan however has not yet revealed anything else about the Akagi nendoroid.


She has also revealed that Shimakaze and Akagi will both have their own figmas. A 1/7 scale Kongou from Max Factory is also in the works as well as other Kantai Collection goodies from Phat Company.


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