This year’s Snow Miku is ready to welcome winter and Good Smile Company’s Kahotan has revealed a few wintery Snow Miku highlights with her latest blog.

The brand new nendoroid sports this year’s “Magical Girl” theme complete with her own cute pet rabbit named Yukine. Both the new Snow Miku design as well as her pet were the results of a character design contest held by piapro (Cypton Future Media’s image, music, and song lyrics sharing site) and GSC.


The cute new nendoroid is sculpted by Hidetoshi Seibu and comes with a beautiful snow-themed “magic circle”.

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Speaking of Snow Miku, Kahotan and her friend Hamako were shown the brand new Snow Miku 2014 streetcar by the Sapporo Department of Transportation.


The tram exterior was covered in a very wintery theme while the interior is littered with not just Snow Miku 2014 but also the past Snow Miku designs as well as other vocaloids.

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The tram has starts its service in Sapporo today, November 18, 2013 and will end its service on March 28, 2014 when spring arrives.

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