Galilei Donna’s peculiar storyline — about three beautiful sisters and a cool, bad-ass goldfish robot — have made Galilei Donna one of Fall 2013’s most popular anime and one of the main characters, Hozuki Ferrari has certainly gathered a whole lot of fans.


A life-size statue of the cute genius inventor is currently on display at the Noitama shop in Odaiba and fans have most certainly flocked the statue to take some pictures.


The statue is based on the character design by Adachi Shingo who was also responsible for the character design for Sword Art Online’s anime adaptation. It was made by the same people who designed and sculpted the life-size Menma statue. The life-size Hozuki statue was made to commemorate the completion of Noitama Radio.

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The statue was unveiled yesterday, November 2, 2013. Hozuki’s voice actress, Rina Hidaka was also present during the unveiling.

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