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Some of the world’s most beloved anisong and Vocaloid artistes are set to take the stage over three thrilling nights at the Anime Festival Asia 2013 (AFA13), happening from November 8 to 10 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) at the Suntec Convention & Exhibition Centre.

Who are we talking about? *Puts on talkshow host voice* Nana Mizuki will be in town, ladies and gentlemen! The legendary Nana Mizuki will be with us at AFA this year!

Who else? Well, you can look at the full list here and here. Do note, however, that since we posted our previous story there has been some updates: Asian Pop Collective solo artiste Valerie (formerly a member of SeaA) will be performing in Friday night’s concert; Milky Holmes has also been added to the line-up for Saturday’s concert.

valerie milky holmes
(We’ll be interviewing almost all of the artistes performing at AFA’s I Love Anisong concerts this year, so if you’re a true fan with a burning question you’re just dying to ask your favourite artiste, drop me an email at karbyp [at] with the subject line [AFA interview questions]. We’ll only get the best ones to them… well, time is limited, ya know)

The AFA13 festivities kick off on Friday. Tickets for the I Love Anisong concerts can be purchased through EventClique at this link here.

Until the festivities begin, a few of the I Love Anisong artistes have recorded special video messages for their fans in Singapore, so let’s get acquinted with them, shall we?

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