Studio Ghibli movies like Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke aren’t just popular in Japan but also the rest of the world — and it shows.

Owing to their love for such animated feature film, a father has repainted his daughter’s room with inspiration drawn from one Ghibli classic: My Neighbor Totoro.


User steamboy33 uploaded several images of his work via his imgur account and the quality of his work drew a lot of attention. According to Rocket News writer Meg Sawai, the murals he drew are “professional level”. The comments he has received for his mural have been nothing but praises with some even asking him to repaint their own rooms.


The room held two murals, one depicting several Ghibli characters swimming with several Disney characters like Marlin, Ariel, Sebastian and Dory while the other is an awe inspiring My Neighbor Totoro mural.


He posted several WIP (work in progress) images on how he tacked the task of painting the room for his daughter. He first drew a draft using a pencil before slowly and methodically painting the murals with acrylic paint.

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The details in his murals have really shown the beauty of My Neighbor Totoro. His daughter will surely be happy with his work.

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via steamboy33 imgur account and Rocket News Japan


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