Yesterday was November 29, 2013 or 11/29 which meant that yesterday was “Good Meat Day”.

So what’s “Good Meat Day”? It’s actually based on a Japanese pun, 1129 or i (1) i (1) ni (2) ku (9), or ii niku which literally means good meat. Japanese anime website Twi-ani celebrated the punomenal day by presenting five um… “meaty” heroines.

The heroines who made it in the list need not necessarily have a lot of “plot” but have to be a bit on the heavy side compared to most heroines. Here are their five heroines:

Rihoko Sakurai (Amagi SS)- One of the heroines from Amagi SS, this girl eats a little bit too much and has a complex about being fat. She is often portrayed as a plus sized heroine.


Megumi Amatsuka (GJ-Bu)- Like Rihoko, this cute “little sister” also has a complex about being fat. Compared to the real “heavyweights” in the list however, she has nothing to worry about.


Nozomi Tojo (Love Live!)- The student council vice president who just loves to grope is known for having  a bust size of 90 as well as having an F cup. The anime’s artwork has recently portrayed her to be a bit more plump.


Mami Tomoe (Madoka Magica)- This lovable blonde magical girl is known for her kindness and her extensive amount of… “plot”. She is known for always eating cake… a lot of cake so it’s no surprise that she is often portrayed as a bit fatter. Now can you say Tiro Finale?


Super Sonico– Her making it to this list is absolutely no surprise at all. Many artworks featuring her (as well as her upcoming anime) have portrayed her to be a little fat. She is also known for her curves which makes her a favorite of figure makers and collectors.


The list provided only five heroines and a couple of surprises did not make it to the list including THE Meat, Sena Kashiwazaki from Haganai as well as “Useless Meat” Maou from Maoyu Maou Yuusha. Maybe these two aren’t as heavy as the other who made it.

maou Niku

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Via Twi-Ani


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