After months of voting, the results for “A Certain Summer” popularity poll are finally in and the winner is quite a shocker… literally!


The original Mikoto Misaka wins Dengeki Bunko’s ‘A Certain Summer’ popularity poll  as she beats out the surprisingly popular serial killer Jinsaku Hino for the top spot. Meanwhile, one of Mikoto’s clones, #10,032 takes the third seed while the Roman Catholic Pope, Mattahi Reese takes the fourth spot. Here are the complete results:

1. Misaka Mikoto


2. Hino Jinsaku


3. Misaka 10032


4. Pope (Matthai Reese)


5. Baba Yoshio


6. Laura Stuart (Archbishop)
7. Kihara Gensei
8. Saronia A. Irivika
9. Shokuhou Misaki
10. Mjölnir
11. Agnese Sanctis
12. Last Order
13. Accelerator
14. Eiker Lugoni
15. Hitotsui Hajime
16. Harzak Lolas
17. Kamijou Touma
18. Index
19. Kinuhata Saiai
20. The person who gives Group missions
21. Saten Ruiko
22. Leivinia Birdway (Birdway)
23. Frenda Seivelun
24. Meigo Arisa
25. Gekota
26. Musujime Awaki
27. Kakine Teitoku
28. Matthai Reese (Pope)
29. Itsuwa
30. Magical Powered Kanamin
31. Shirai Kuroko
32. Orsola Aquinas
33. Kuroyoru Umidori
34. Kiyama Harumi
35. Nunotaba Shinobu
36. Uiharu Kazari
37. Kanzaki Kaori
38. Lessar
39. White Beetle
40. Tsuchimikado Motoharu
41. Mugino Shizuri
42. Wannai Kinuho
43. Thor
44. Lancis
45. Hamazura Shiage
46. Sogiita Gunha
47. Aogami Pierce
48. Kongou Mitsuko
49. Othinus
50. Himegami Aisa

Mikoto who won the poll will be featured in a message card illustrated by series illustrator Kiyotaka Haimura along with a special message from series author Kazuma Kamachi himself. She already has her own spin-off series, A Certain Scientific Railgun which has proven to be extremely popular. Perhaps the recently concluded A Certain Scientific Railgun S has contributed to her win.

Hino Jinsaku on the other hand is a very surprising entrant and he has taken over the #2 spot. He first appeared on the Angel’s Fall arc in the light novels but was not featured in the anime. This may be the reason why fans of “A Certain” series voted for him.

A Certain Scientific Railgun S may have also attributed to #10,032 taking the #3 spot. Her crucial role in the anime made her even more endearing to the fans.

Another big surprise is that popular characters like Accelerator, Touma, Kuroko and Index did not even make it to the top 10. Perhaps fans are still fuming on Accelerator killing all those Misaka clones. But as this poll shows, one thing is for sure, “A Certain” series is still going strong.

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