The autumn edition of the Miyazawa Model Exhibition 2013 is finally upon us and the figure companies and sculptors are more than just excited to present their latest offerings during the event.

Good Smile Company, Max Factory and Phat! Company presented their exhibits which are a mix of unreleased figures that are either already up for pre-orders or those that aren’t yet.

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One of the highlights from their group is the still unpainted nendoroid version of Levi from Attack on Titan. No announcement has been made as to when it will be released. They will also be releasing Link, Luigi and Miss Monochrome nendoroids. GSC also announced a few more members of Kantai Collection joining their nendo ranks.

ks050 ks055 ks002

Another highlight from Phat! Company is that they will be bringing us a figure of  Ryuuko Matoi from Kill la Kill.


Kotobukiya‘s exhibit meanwhile was a combination of PVC figures, articulated figures and plastic models, all of which bear Kotobukiya’s strict attention to detail.

koto a koto b koto c koto d koto e koto f koto g koto h koto i koto j koto k koto l koto m koto n koto o koto p koto q koto r koto s koto t

Kaiyodo meanwhile presented their Revoltech line proudly. Oh, and Woody and Jessie aren’t unpainted, they are supposed to look like that.

KS022 ks023 ks024 ks026 ks028

The couch is a nice touch by the way…


Evolution Toy meanwhile presented a whole lot of mecha figures, highlighted of course by the Getter Robo series.

ks029 ks031 ks032 ks034 KS006 KS007 KS008

Medicom meanwhile showed off their RAH or Real Action Heroes articulated figure line which includes the Madoka magical girls, Nanoha, Superman, Batman, and Kamen Rider.

ks065 ks066 ks067 ks068 ks069

Meanwhile over at Alter‘s and Amiami’s exhibits…

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While most of the items displayed are still not yet released, some of the figures are already up for pre-orders. You can find more information on the figures that are already up for pre-orders through this link.

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