Just like the town of Oarai and Girls und Panzer as well as Iwami town and Free!, the district of Washimiya in Kuki, Saitama has enjoyed much notoriety for the hit anime and manga series, Lucky Star.

Now, the district in Saitama prefecture will be holding an event to celebrate the series which has given so much attention to the town. The event is called the Moe Fest in Washimiya 2013.

Lucky Star a

The event is organized by the Kuki chamber of commerce which has done several Lucky Star-based projects already. They have scheduled the event on December 1, 2013 and will feature several events like a cosplay competition and the “Moe Wheel Pick”.

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The event will also feature a “Moe Shout in the center of Washimiya” where contestants shout “Moe” as loud as they can. Other events include a “Moe hurdle run” where participants run through hurdles while holding up famous lines from anime.

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In a thank you party for last year’s event, Lucky Star manga author Kagami Yoshimizu wowed the fans as he appeared as the event’s surprise guest. The famous manga writer and artist revealed the untold story behind Lucky Star as well as his favorite character.

The district of Washimiya is known for their annual Haji Festival which became even more famous since the anime featured it in 2007. The festival features a Lucky Star portable shrine as thousands of tourists flock the town each year.

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