Neon Genesis Evangelion is without a doubt one of the most popular mecha anime in history, not just in Japan but also the whole world. Yesterday, November 16, 2013, an exhibition based on the anime was held in one of China‘s largest and most populated cities, Shanghai.

The event was titled Eva Expo 2013 and it is currently being held at the Shanghai Super Brand Mall until December 1, 2013.


The anime is one of the most popular series in China so it’s hardly surprising that fans from all over the country flocked the Eva Expo’s first day. Fans were able to snap pictures of the exhibits which includes several screenshots from the anime as well as a life-size statue of heroine Asuka Langley Soryu and a model head of the Eva-01 unit piloted by Shinji Ikari.


Japanese Anime is on the rise in China and according to a female Chinese student visiting the exhibition, Japanese animation is very beautiful and is quite different to China’s.

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