To celebrate Sailor Moon‘s 20th anniversary, Premium Bandai is giving fans a treat with the release of the HGIF Sailor Moon Collection.


The set contains a total of seven (7) figures which includes Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Venus, Luna and Artemis. The entire set is limited edition so be sure that they will be out of stock very soon.

Sailor Moon A

Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon B

Sailor Mercury

Sailor Moon C

Sailor Mars

Sailor Moon D

Sailor Jupiter

Sailor Moon E

Sailor Venus

Sailor Moon F

Luna & Artemis

Sailor Moon G

HGIF Sailor Moon Collection is due for release March 2014 and can now be pre-ordered via Premium Bandai for 4,980 yen. Premium Bandai however only ships to areas within Japan.

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