A brand new collaboration between Monster Hunter Frontier G and Type Moon’s beloved Fate series has been revealed and it allows you to play as either Gilgamesh or Rider from Fate/ Stay Night.

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This will be the second collaboration between the online game and the anime series with the first collaboration featuring Saber and Archer skins. These skins are now available for a limited time for both the PC and the Xbox 360 versions.

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The Gilgamesh costume can be equipped with his Enuma Elish, the most powerful noble phantasm from his Gate of Babylon. The mighty king also comes with Enkidu, his powerful chains which can bind anyone or anything. Those mongrels will truly shiver at the might of the king of heroes himself!


The Rider costume on the other hand can be equipped with her daggers from the anime. Just like the ones in the anime, these daggers are attached to a chain so they can be thrown and then pulled back afterwards.


The official website has also released a video showing Rider and Gilgamesh facing off against Saber and Archer.

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Via 4Gamer and Monster Hunter Frontier G Official


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