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Okay, we know that a great number of you have already got tickets to the I Love Anisong concerts at Anime Festival Asia 2013 in Singapore (AFA13) since, well, it’s like the biggest gathering of Anisong and Vocaloid artistes in the entirety of Asia (outside of Japan).

Nevertheless, we’ve got one pair of AFA13 I Love Anisong concert tickets for Friday, November 8 (Valerie, Hachioji P, livetune, motsu x DJ Kaya), worth S$88 x 2,  to give away — and we’re going to do this based on merit rather than luck.

We’re going to give it to the SGCafe reader who’s most excited about AFA13.

To participate, all you have to do is send an email to karbyp at gmail dot com with the email subject [AFA I Love Anisong tickets giveaway], your personal particulars (name, age, IC no, phone number), and the answer to the following question:

Question: What/whom are you most excited to see at Anime Festival Asia 2013, that you would not miss even if the world depended on it?

That’s all.

You can find out more about all the Experience Zone attractions over here at the AFA13 official website, and a full schedule of activities at the main stage over here at our previous story.

So once again, send your best answers in an email entitled [AFA I Love Anisong tickets giveaway] to the address karbyp et gmail dot com, along with the following particulars:

  • Full name
  • Age
  • IC no.
  • Phone no.

Oh, and since the criteria for winning is merit not luck, guess what — multiple entries per person ARE allowed. Take your best shot.

We’ll pick the winner at 6.00PM, Thursday (November 7, 2013), Singapore time. So just make sure you get your email to us by then.

May the most passionate person win!

If you are that person, and you don’t have your I Love Anisong tickets yet, then this could be your chance to win free entry to Friday’s concert.

If you already have tickets, well, participate anyway, become a winner, and just give the tickets away to your nakamas! Because if you could convince us that you are the right person to send these tickets to, even though you already have tickets, then you could probably find two friends to give it to, and convince them to come down for it.

And we’ll all win — we just want to spread the love.

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