Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong today announced pricing information for the new PCH-2006 series PlayStation Vita Wi-Fi model in Singapore.

The new PCH-2006 series PS Vita Wi-Fi models, which are 20-percent slimmer and 15-percent lighter when compared to the first-generation model, will go on sale in Singapore on November 14, 2013, at the recommended retail price of S$299.

Other improvements in this second generation of PS Vita models include a 1GB’s worth of internal storage (none in the original PS Vita; memory cards were required), and the ability to charge its battery with any micro-USB cable (the original sets required the use of the pack-in battery charger).

A total of six colour variations for the new PS Vita sets are available, along with two limited edition starter packs, themed after Gundam Breaker and God Eater 2 respectively.

There will also be a slew of official PS Vita PCH-2006 series accessories at launch.

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Official PS Vita soft cases will go for S$17.90, while the PlayStation Vita Cradle with Cable (for PCH-2006 series) will retail for S$29.90. Sony will also release an official PlayStation Vita Protective Film (For PCH-2006 series), priced at S$9.90.

PS Vita vs. PS Vita PCH-2006 series — the issue of OLED vs. LCD

One last major difference you need to know about between the first-generation PlayStation Vita models and the new PCH-2006 series is that, the new ones are equipped with a high-definition liquid crystal display (LCD), whereas the original models came with an organic light-emitting diode (OLED) screen. Both front-facing touchscreens are 5-inch wide.

Typically, OLED screens have better colour reproduction and contrast ratios than LCD screens. However, the reason why Sony switched out the OLED panel for an LCD one in the new PS Vitas, according to Sony Computer Entertainment Inc President and CEO Andrew House in a Nikkei report, is that “the LCD panel can now realise an image quality as high as that of the OLED panel”.

He also said that due to the switch in panels it was also easier to reduce the thickness of the PS Vita.

[Interview] Why Did SCE Replace OLED Panel of PS Vita With LCD Panel- -- Tech-On!

Overall, the new PCH-2006 series PS Vita sets are a vast improvement over the first-generation units.

But if you have to have a PS Vita with an OLED screen, then the only way is to hunt down and secure the first-generation units before they’re gone for good in stores — remember how difficult it was to find previous generations of PSP and PS3 models brand new in stores, once the new ones were out?

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