Earlier today Namco Bandai Games held an [email protected] Secret Event @ Akabane in the Tokyo district’s Akabane Kaikan theatre. At the event, the games maker unveiled the debut trailer for PS3 title The [email protected]: One For All, as teased previously in this week’s Famitsu magazine.

The trailer is depicted in the first-person viewpoint, and shows the player (an artiste manager or simply, “The Producer”) walking into the game’s fictional 765Pro talent agency offices, and being greeted by all 13 of the series’s main idols — why, it’s a little like walking into a maid cafe where everyone knows your name.

As a fan of the [email protected] games, I’m hoping that what you see in the trailer will somehow be translated into an actual gameplay component of The [email protected]: One For All.

If you’ve never played any of the [email protected] simulation games before, typically at the start of each production phase, you’ll walk into the 765Pro talent agency offices, and be greeted by whichever idols are left in your charge.

You’ll have to reciprocate the gesture by picking one of three morning greetings to say, and depending on your choice, the idols’ mood (and thus, stats) for the production phase will be affected.

Although the trailer provided no actual gameplay details, it did promise new songs (such as Only My Note, as featured in the trailer) stage outfits and accessories for the game.

The [email protected]: One For All will be released both digitally through the PSN Store, and as a physical copy at retail stores in Japan. Pricing and release date details have not yet been announced — all we know for the moment is that, if purchased digitally through PSN, the game can be launched via the free-to-download [email protected] Channel app on the PS3 (available only in the Japanese PSN store).

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