Toei Hero World is set to open on December 20 and it’s bringing fans of its live-action hero shows a museum, attraction area, and a café with interestingly shaped meat buns.

Located on the 3rd floor of the Aeon Shopping Makuhari New City in Chiba,  Toei Hero World is a Namco sponsored theme park branded as an action museum. The premise of the theme park is that visitors have treated like guests who have been offered the chance to visit the heroes’ secret base — when the villains from the shows suddenly attack.



The museum part features costumes from the shows, as well as various props used throughout the series. This includes the Kamen Rider series, Super Sentai series, and the Metal Hero and Legend Hero series.


Much like the Shonen Jump’s J-World, an action space will offer different games for attendees to enjoy. While there you can face off against Shocker or take a hero themed train for a ride.

fightagainstshocker herotrain

For some fans the café could be the biggest draw. Following the hero  theme the café will offer meat buns shaped like two different Kamen Rider’s  and Shocker’s head.

kamenman shockerman

Tickets to Hero World are 1,400 yen for middle school ages and up, and 1000 yen for children three and up.

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