It’s already halfway through the Fall anime season and so far, most of the series look absolutely awesome. The season has been jam-packed with a lot of genres from mecha and action to romance and comedy so picking out a favorite can get a bit difficult.


Now, Japanese media website Recochoku ranks their top 10 anime. So which series made it to the list? Here are their top 10:

#10: Log Horizon


If you think this series is just a Sword Art Online rip-off, you would be wrong. It’s setting may be like SAO but Log Horizon has a more MMORPG feel than SAO which is focused more on survival. It’s rocking opening song, Database also helps.

#7,8,9: Strike the Blood


Vampires, Sword Shamans and a whole lot of romantic tension puts this fantasy anime in a three-way tie for seventh place.

#7,8,9: Non Non Biyori

nonobi c

This small-town slice of life anime joins the three-way tie for seventh place with its simple humor and interesting characters.

#7,8,9: Kill La Kill


This epic anime known for its very revealing (and violent) school uniforms has been a bit controversial lately but its epic action sequences and over-the-top storyline most definately places it on the three-way tie along with Non Non Biyori and Strike the Blood.

#6: IS: Infinite Stratos 2


A clear favorite heading to the Fall season, IS 2 has certainly stepped up the fan service a bit more. Its lovable characters and great action sequences however should be enough to take it to #6.

#5: Nagi no Asukara

Nagi no Asukara (1)

A unique “under the sea” setting, complex characters and a whole lot of beautiful scenery puts this anime in the fifth spot. PA Works gets a lot of credit in making this anime visually amazing.

#4: Pokemon XY


With the worldwide release of the Pokemon XY game, there is no doubting the popularity and staying power of Pokemon. The Pokemon XY anime has refreshed many fans and introduced a few more interesting characters.

#3: Kyoukai no Kanata


Kyoto Animation’s latest anime may resemble the art style of K-On!! and Tamako Market but it has also reached out to non-moe anime fans with its own blend of action, suspense and comedy.

#2: Magi season 2


Aladdin, Alibaba, Morgianna, Sinbad and the rest of the Magi crew are back and the Arabian nights-inspired anime has proven it is still going strong even if the first anime season deviated a bit from the manga’s original storyline. It still has what fans love about the series from the action-packed fight scenes to the gut busting comedy and the endearing character relationships.

#1: Kuroko’s Basketball


Kuroko Tetsuya and the Seirin High School Basketball team, as well as the rest of the generation of miracles have proven to be unstoppable this season. Their hard court battles have been loved by both casual anime fans and die hard fans alike and the controversy surrounding the new death threats to the manga’s author, Tadatoshi Fujimaki, have done little to stop this anime juggernaut.

Do you agree with their rankings?

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