After eating a certain Devil Fruit known as the the Gomu Gomu no Mi, Monkey D. Luffy gained the ability to stretch his body like rubber. I wonder what will happen when you eat Seven Eleven‘s brand new Devil Fruit sweet buns?


These buns definitely look like those mystical devil fruits from One Piece with their distinctive swirl patterns. They are filled with blueberry jam and whipped cream for that nice contrast of flavors. These seemingly harmless sweet buns start selling today and are sold in Seven Eleven convenience stores all over Japan for 150 yen.

When eating these sweet treats, be careful, be very very careful. Who knows? Maybe you’ll wake up the next morning and find your limbs stretched out all the way to your kitchen.


Speaking of One Piece and Seven Eleven, the convenience store chain will also be starting their One Piece lottery campaign. With each purchase worth 700 yen or more, you are entitled to play the lottery game. The prizes range from limited edition figures of Luffy and Trafalgar Law to towels, large posters and One Piece nanaco cards.

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