The PC game version of Key‘s tear jerking anime Angel Beats finally opens their own official website and offers fans a peek into the upcoming visual novel’s 1st Beat.

Angel Beats!

The website reveals that unlike the anime, the game will have multiple endings and the story will be affected by the choices the player makes, just like many visual novels. The player can select any character in the morning and the afternoon and he can also deepen his bonds with the other characters through various events which will happen as the game progresses.

The all-ages visual novel game will focus on 19 characters which are spending their afterlife in a high school. It will have six volumes with the first volume, or “1st Beat” focusing on Iwasawa’s, Matsushita’s and Yui’s routes.


The new official website also reveals new CG images from the first volume and it features the lovable Yui, the musician Iwasawa and the Judoka Matsushita as well as Yuri, The Angel/ Kanade Tachibana, Ootonashi and T.K. The game will surely be a tear jerker with these newly revealed CG images.

sample_cg_vol1_iwasawa_l sample_cg_vol1_iwasawa2_l sample_cg_vol1_matusita_l sample_cg_vol1_matusita2_l sample_cg_vol1_tensi_l sample_cg_vol1_tk_l sample_cg_vol1_yui_l sample_cg_vol1_yuri_l

Angel Beats!-1st beat- is scheduled for release in Japan in 2014 and will be available for Windows 7, 8, Vista and XP. There is still no word if the game will be translated into English however.


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